Flame, baselight and open clips

Hi all

I’m trying to iron out an openclip to baselight publish workflow.

Does anyone have anything in place for this already working?

We can publish open clips, edls etc over to grade - but it’s the baselight side where we stumble.

I realise this isn’t a baselight forum, but does anyone have a workflow in place like this?


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Are you generating the openclip in Flame? I believe I have generated the clip with the Openclip Utility and they loaded fine in Baselight.

The loading into baselight etc is all working fine

We are more concerned with using it as an overall workflow

Ideally -

Publish open clips once to baselight, then use updates from flame timeline edls to help baselight version up comps.

So if we wanted to pass an update to grade dept - all we need to do is publish a new edl

Is Baselight reading the .xml OpenClips?

Yes it is

Good to know openclips are working in Baselight now, we had no success with them in past releases so I’ll have to look into it.

For your workflow, Baselight can now recognise versions within a folder, so once you’ve published and set up the shots from Comp into Baselight, they can select which version they want to use.

This works for us here, we’re generally doing <100 shots with it.

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Yes exactly -

The sequence versioning in BL is what we use currently. Works great but we are looking at open clip for future workflows.

I’m playing catchup on the openclip workflow between renders but from this video Colour on Stage: Baselight: Part 3 - New features and workflow efficiencies on Vimeo it looks like a scripting thing on the baselight side to update the versions once you’ve initially conformed and linked your openclips, removing the need for new edls for versions unless for edit changes. When I get a chance I’ll do some testing here to test it further.

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Super interesting thanks! I’ll dig into this

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