Upgrade to OS 10.14 from 10.13.6

Hello friends
I want to move from High Sierra to a higher version, potentially 10.14 or BIG SUR, I am using Flame 2020.2 and wanna also subscribe to the latest version of Flame.
1-As I am using the educational version of Flame, and have a ton of student projects, I wanna make sure that by upgrading both OS and Flame won’t have any issues, many of them are still in progress.
2-Also as a freelancer I want to have back my own perosnal commercial version of Flame for a next job, so can I keep both versions (educational/student and commercial)?
3-For information, my media storage is set on a external HD, my local Autodesk Media Storage is empty

I am aware of the installation recommendation, but thought to double check


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Doing an OS upgrade in the middle of a bunch of active jobs sounds crazy to me. Is everything archived?

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I am afraid not… the idea seems crazy that’s why I am asking :slight_smile:

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I’d say wait until you have 2-3 days clear in your schedule.

Sounds like a good case to use APFS. You can set aside multiple installs of different OS/environments pretty easily. @brandondanowski has experience with this.

Last time I checked, Apple didn’t allow you to download previous versions of the OS that you didn’t already download when it was the most recent. Basically, you probably won’t be able to download full installers for 10.14 or 10.15 unless you had downloaded them when they were the latest and greatest, in which case, they would show up in your Mac App Store account as previous downloads that you can re-download. This might not be the case anymore but it was not too long ago.