Use magnet tool for roto / change hit box size

Is it possible to use the magnet tool to manipulate splines? I’m pretty sure the answer is no, but it would sure be handy. Years ago when using silhouette, I could change a preference to expand the hit box of the points so it was easier to grab them quickly without having to be so precise. I’d love to have a feature like that.


I’d love to use that! The magnet roto brush in Mocha is phenomenal. Add it to flame feedback and post the request here so we can upvote it!


Yeah I would :+1: that request

Have you used the Edit Box option in GmaskTracer? It might be some of what you are looking for. Enables you to select a bunch of points and it will give you a transform box that enables pos, scale and rotation?

It isn’t the magnet tool but somthing.


Oh yeah, I’m definitely using the edit box. It got us a lot closer to the edit box I always missed from Silhouette. Silhouette’s was like the Flame edit box, but you could also shear and corner pin the selection of points. I rarely had to move individual points with that feature.

Corner pinning would be good, but you can shear. Starting with your cursor over one of the control points in the center of the edges, move your cursor outside the green box until it changes to a pair of up/down arrows with a dot in the middle. That is shear mode and it uses the position of the center widget as the center of the shear. You can also do it with the sliders in the vertices menu