Roto Nuke to Flame

Just curious.
In Nuke you have a mimic function when doing roto. So if you wanted to change one point after doing a massive roto task you can, and that point mimics this change throughout the roto anim.

Is there an equivalent in flame?

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Not sure what Mimic is. Sounds like you’re talking about ripple in the Nuke Roto node. You can do that in Gmask Tracer by selecting the mask you want to change and going into the Vertices tab and hen turning on the button for Edit Track. That will make your changes occur throughout the shot


Just like @greg said, also if you’re using the old gmask node, you would look under the Tools menu and at the very top there is an option to Trans Keys. Works the same way. But I would recommend using Gmask Tracer

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Yes I meant ripple. Thank you both

Not in front of flame atm but in gmask tracer theres a button to edit points and when switched on and you move a point it ripples across all keyframes.

Thank you

Trans Keys is very useful for fixing a single point for the whole animation.

The Gmask Tracer has two animation layers, the normal one and the “track” layer. If you aren’t using the Track layer for tracking verts, you can press the “edit track” button and make adjustments that will persist regardless of the keyframes on the normal animation layer.