Video output card suggestions


Our DecLink monitor has borked and spitting noise when Flame is not working. So I want to ask for your suggestions for a future-proof, single-slot video card for Rocky Linux. Aja or BMD? Which one do you have the best experience with…

Never had any bigger problems with Aja so far; for both, broadcast and hdmi Monitors

If you do not care about cost than AJA.

If you care about cost BMD. But BMD has a major fucking problem. It can not output UHD Full Range, which mean it can not be color accurate at UHD. If all you are doing is HD/2K, then it is fine and can do 12BitRGB444 Full Range.

In my personal experience, AJA seems to have less hiccups and more resources for resolution.

AJA definitely a better design. However, DeckLink has slightly broader support among other apps, and in case of Resolve is the only option. Not an issue if you’re on a dedicated Flame box, but if you foresee other apps to be used (even just for QC, some dailies, quick transcode) it’s worth keeping in mind.