Decklink 4k Extreme 12G

Evening All,
Are there any Linux users running the Decklink 4k Extreme 12G card?
Beyond manually installing the BMD software, are there any unadvertised caveats?
Is it a good option, or reminiscent on the dreaded vbob?

yes. no. yes, no.

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I am currently experiencing an issue with this card where it appears to be displaying 8bit instead of a 10bit image. I only know of one other person experiencing this so could have something to do with my/our particular setup.

Apart from that, it has been working a treat.

Thanks. I had heard there were some 8bit concerns and was fishing for someone to mention it, though I thought the issue was limited to unsupported Decklink cards. There doesn’t seem to be any mention of bit depth limitations for the supported BMD devices. I’ll get one to try and share my findings.
I have a several Kona3G’s to upgrade so it’s hard to ignore an option that is 1/4 the price of the latest Kona.

added bonus is that you can use resolve and flame on the same linux install.

I built machines with a few different decklinks and they all worked, hell even a thunderbolt ultrasudio 4K mini worked just fine, I have used the 12G, a Decklink Mini monitor 4K (lets be honest, do you NEED all the bells and whistles of the 12G or are you just going to do 1 sdi and 1 HDMI out and thats it?) . and a older intensity 4K.
they all worked fine. 12G card was the worst of them all, dual slot, all the inputs I dont need those, and its getting HOT and I had 2 fail on me in my Z840, went back to the small mini monitor instant happiness :smiley:

Part of the attraction is running a single 12G cable and in turn reducing the number of converters and required router/switcher inputs between the flame and monitor. However, the convenience and cost savings that brings all falls apart if the card is naff. My gut is staying stick with AJA. Thanks for your thoughts

In the past 2 months we’ve had about 4 DOA BMD cards, brand new from multiple vendors.

my vendor said the 12G card is the one that fails the most out of all cards bm sells.

I’ve been using a Decklink Studio 4K for a while now. The only issue was dropped frames, initially. I wiped the system and started fresh, and no longer have that issue. Being able to jump between Resolve and Flame is great (using separate boot drives, though). I’d like to get deeper into grading flame, but my muscle memory says ‘not yet’.

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