We've created a monster

@andymilkis we may need to have a heart to heart with Mr. @andy_dill. Logik is unfortunately not a fully accredited wrestling organization as of yet. Our license with the International World Wide Wresting and Compositing Organization (IWWWACO) is held up due to a legal dispute. Turns out they don’t fully recognize vertical reel users as genuine Flame Artists so our application was denied. Will you tell Mr. Dill that his title is purely ornamental at this time until everyone switches over to horizontal reels?

k thanks!

Let’s hope they approve our application before Renderdome 2.


Whaaaat? Nothin’ wrong with V-Reel users. That’s like sayin’ Hendrix couldn’t play at Woodstock 'cause he put the strings on backwards and played it upside down.


Should we write a nasty letter to IWWWACO?

Just publicly shame them and cancel them for their lack of inclusiveness.

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I love your style

I’ve got to update my location.

Can’t be lying on linkedin.

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Technically, you only beat a New Yorker, so at best you are New England Regional Champion. Hahah. That sounds so lame.

Technically I’ve beaten every challenger in the universe.


Nah, you just beat the first. They are lining up in droves

(Everybody, you’re lining up in droves, right?)

Still the undisputed champion.

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Undisputed Northeastern Regional Champion.

Ya know I’m just messin with ya right Andy?

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Undisputed Vermont State Champion.

If you come at the king, you’d best not miss.

I just want that t-shirt, then you can be Master of the universe for all I care.