WFH Station Questions

Hey all!

I’m wanting to know what you guys use for working from home. Is it better to build a station or are there options to rent a remote station for work?

I have a Windows station and have been debating putting together a dual OS with Linux, which may be easier

Any advice?

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i have a windows dual boot for Linux flame that works great all depends on your comfort level with linux

Depends on what you mean by remote station. If you mean a thin client for RGS or Teradici then it’s probably not worth doing a dual boot and rather just buying some cheap box you can throw your preferred Linux distro on and leaving your windows box alone. There are definitely great instructions out there for doing dual boot from external SSDs but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

We bought a bunch of Lenovo Nano PC boxes for 500 a piece, threw Ubuntu on and we were off to the races. Well a simplification but you get the idea.

Worth considering…

If you’re considering a full on Flame that’s a horse of a different color. I’d imagine there are a slew of financial considerations worth making before deciding if investing in a full kit is actually worth while and at what level?

Not to create an internal Logik feedback loop but this was a great conversation about the topic
You may have already watched but it was recommended to me and helped me sort through my needs and options! Thanks Logik Live (and Randy + Andy) for being so generous and helpful!

Welcome @Kenzi!

It may be easier, it may not. For me, it all depends on peripherals and storage. What kind of work are you looking to achieve from home? Some devices may or may not play well with talking to both sides, Windows and Linux.

Rentals are definitely an option…about $1,000 per month gets a good machine with good hardware, but, you may likely need to add fast storage or big/slow backup storage. Plus, possibly a day or two of machine setup upon its arrival, and a half a day to backup your stuff/wipe the machine before you send it on its way back. Lead times could be a thing given the increased demand depending on your market.

Definitely check out our Logik Live where we talk about the Mac side of things with some possibly helpful options to finance/lease/find refurbished.

If you share a brief outline of what you would like to achieve we could make a few recommendations.