What will Flame 2032 look like?

In your opinion how can we project Flame 10 years from now? What functions will become obsolete? How does the interface changes? What interactions with other products or pipelines? Will it generate invoices for us?

Flame will exists but we won’t. Shit will be run by skynet.

I hope by that time I might have won significant cash on the lottery. Enough to tit around every day with real paint and not worry about bills.

Future’s looking bright…

What will the resolution of everyday deliverables be? Color depth? VR? Hologram? Bit rate? What is the raw camera data?

Yeah! this latest release looks good!

I guess we will hit a resolution limit very soon… 16K? and then ML scaling will take it from there? Definitely more color data, more channels. Geometric information, motion channels, body information. And stereo sound of course.

Flame will run with super intelligent AI called “Wanda” and our job will be checking that power cable is pugged in .