Flame so slow

Hey all. Happy new year. Still trying to pull myself away from Facebook. Getting there. Anyhow I’m only a week into the new year and flame is driving me crazy. It’s going so slow. Auto saving now takes 4 mins. I haven’t even got that many bfx on the go. Can anyone tell me if a fix is imminent?

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Any large geometries or uncached files in the BFX? And what kind of storage are you reading from?

Nah - straight up. I think its a known thing. BFX slows down saves. SSD drives everywhere tons of ram. Gets worse the older the project. Add it to the must fix soon list


When libraries get large auto save and shutdowns take longer. In extreme cases I’ve experienced shutdown for about an hour for a very very big project.

Apparently its a bug. When a project is old and there are tons of BFX it all grinds to a halt

I’ve got a timeline at the moment with about 300 bfx clips (60 min TL) all 4k sources and it takes about 5 seconds to save.

Latest software?

Ive just gone back to a documentary i was doing - same thing tons of BFX - last time i looked at this was in the previous version 2021.1 now I’m the latest the same thing is happening. Didn’t before.

You are guessing this is because of Batch FX. It might not.

That is true. It was because someone said it was on Facebook.

Any ideas. Cos its killing me. Wasn’t like this in the previous version

Save your desktop to the library. Clear your desktop and close all libraries. Do a save twice and see how long it takes. If its fast then open your libraries 1 by 1 and save after each open to see if a library is causing the problem.

I just had another thought. Check that your system drive has enough free space and is working properly.

I’m going to try this. And yes system drive is good loads of space and is SSD

The only known is that none of this really happened before 2021.2

Are the slow saves happening when you are inside a bfx? What happens on a save if the whole timeline is rendered

It saves as you go into BFX. And thats the super slow time. Also a general timed save is the same. On one of the problematic projects i just reduced the reelgroups down to one and its much better.

Ive seen this before. In my case it was related to a gmask tracer and or action node. For memory it was telling me it was saving a modular keyer to which there was none in the comp. i replaced the nodes and it came good.

Another thing to try is set a name in prefs of the bfx name. Not in front if the bix right now but its the pref that defines the name of the bfx in case if a crash.

Sorry to hear about this Jon, sounds stressful. I’ve definitely seen more issues with BFX over the years compared to a regular batch workflow; mostly corrupted BFX that won’t open & the occasional slower render time. A rather long-winded workaround but have you converted one of your slower projects to regular batch groups to see if that speeds things up & to confirm that the BFX are the problem?

I haven’t had time as yet. Saving off desktops snd only gsving no more than three open at a time helps.