Viewing context in broadcast monitor

forgive me for my super beginner question, but it’s driving me crazy and I can’t seem to find how to do it.

Currently my broadcast monitor output (using DVI/HDMI, single screen mode) will only show the node that is selected. I can’t seem to get it to stick to a specific view (context 1, 2, result, etc).

is there an option or setting that will change that behavior?

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Yes sir, there is. Not in front of my machine right now so pardon the vagueness…

Flame / Preferences / Broadcast Monitor. There should be a box called Viewport Monitoring. Click it. Go back into Batch. Now, at the top right corner of the frame should be a new little small white bordered window. That becomes the thing that drives what is shown on your broadcast monitor. So, hover over that little box thing, do your Space + 1 / whatchevercontextyouwant WHILST HOVERING OVER THAT BOX and your Broadcast Monitor will now be that Context.


Really bugs me that deselecting Viewport Monitoring in the preference settings, is never stored as a preference!

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yes, thank you! I figured there was a way to do it, so many settings and preferences to sort through. :slightly_smiling_face:
Clicking that monitor button on my context view was what I was missing

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