Wiggle/flag wave tips?

Hi peeps! I’m trying to make a piece of string wiggle (actually kinda “flap” behind a balloon rising into the sky) and I’m not having much luck.
I’ve built a ribbon with 3d shape.
Animation-wise, I’ve tried making some soft, large scanlines in damage and then feeding that into a distort node, (also using the distortion/roll function in analog - gets close) also just animating the 3d shape keyframes, and apart from that, I’m kinda out of ideas. I don’t have Sapphire, could probably use the warp puddle, but eh.

Any other thoughts? I thought overnight about using a highly subdivided Extbicubic and animating a soft magnet, but I don’t think you can have more than one magnet?

Oh, for Flame to one day have actual dynamics. :pray:

using Matchbox-ColouredFrame/REFMap/Stripes (Zoom=2, Detail=0.75, Speed=2,CenterX=animated) as Action Displacement map / FlatDisplace / Z and X/some Softness.
Multiply Displacement Texture on X B/W Gradient to modulate displacement Value along flag’s X.

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The deform mesh (i forget its exact name) can help do this kinda thing. I used one to animate the edge of a poster flapping in the breeze…i’ll try dig it out a batch tomorrow.

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Id find a real one, stabilize it, matchmove I dunno…about 75 frames or so, loop that animation, boom.


I’m sort of in Randy’s camp. Of course I have no idea what sort of level of detail you need to achieve, the speed at which it needs to move, etc. but I would try to find something real and trace it with either paint or an open gmask spline. You can stabilize one end before you trace it and go a little rogue to create a loop. And you don’t necessarily need to find a reference of a string. You might want to use something like the top edge of a flag. @digitalbanshee said something in last Sundays LL that I think is often overlooked: It doesn’t need to be perfect. It just needs to play.


Thanks everyone, time is an issue so I didn’t have a lot of prep allowance, so I ended up further refining the damage node - the distortion options in the Analog section did the job in the end. It’s for a cute film title so it doesn’t have to be photoreal.

Cheers guys!