Flag Flaps!

does anyone have a batch setup they’d be willing to share, that makes a surface look like a flag flapping gently in the breeze?

I’m guessing it would be a Deform Mesh…and i’m experimenting with that, but i use it so infrequently i forget how it works!


Hi Adam,

This is an oldie but it should do exactly what you want.




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brilliant - thanks Grant…always forget about searching the Smoke channel as well.

1 question - is there a way to anchor one side of the flag, so it appears locked to a flagpole? Would it work by comping a mid-grey bar along one edge with a soft edge to cancel out the displacement where its not wanted?

Hi Adam,

There isnt a way to anchor the points of a surfaces edge (which would be useful). However the way to do it with current implementation would be through the displacement map. So I would try adding a gradient to the once side of the displayment map that fades to black. The black areas of the map will not displace with rest of the surface and it should give you your anchored edge.

Hope that helps!



thank you…very helpful info!