Winner! Optics in the house!

I recently won a license to Optics and today I am using the darn thing on a spot. Life is good. Thanks again LOGIK!!! WOOOOOT!!!



That’s great! Gotta thank for being such a wonderful partner!

Ralph, be sure to post some images if you can. It’d be great to see how you’re using it.

Thanks for supporting Logik!

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Client asked if I could add a little magic to an effect in a shot sequence where a crystal ball sends a possessing entity from itself to a fortune teller as she waves her arms over the ball. I jumped into Optics and created a frame of a “burst effect” and jazzed it up nicely in flame but alas, the creative team went with the original effect that was done in premiere, a simple matte with an alt-color pass as the fill. Simple and effective for sure, all good.

Soooo… not much to show as a result as my Optics element never made the final cut. I am looking forward to using more tools in the kit though, I really love the Gobos, very nice.

As a side note, for another ask on a later job, I also grabbed the particle illusion standalone which I was delighted to see has some spiffy updates since the last time I used it. You can definitely expect some digital goo in upcoming passion projects at the very least!

Jonesing for Sapphire too. Soon, ralphy, soon.

: )

Oh, yeah, here is the element from Optics.