Wireless Tracking

Someone on my team was trying to use tracking data to drive the Wireless matchbox shader. He was following the YouTube tutorial, but that functionality doesn’t seem to work anymore. The setup below might be a good workaround. Anyone interested in testing this setup (2023.0.1) this before I upload it to the Logik Portal? Thanks to some @ytf inspired expressions, they should automatically update based on the size of the plate.

wireless_tracking.zip (91.3 KB)


I have old ls_wireless shaders, from years back, if you want. The functionality should work.

Thanks GP! But I think I prefer the way this setup works. Track a couple of points, offset them if needed, and then tweak the settings in the Wireless shader, although I’m thinking about adding a custom Variables matchbox shader to control all of the wireless settings from inside action.


Man that would be great. Look forward to checking out your existing setup soon. Thanks very much.

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here’s the version with a custom matchbox shader to control the wireless shader. less node hopping, so maybe it’s a little better.

wireless_trackers_v02.zip (37.6 KB)

And here’s a 2022.3 version:
wireless_tracking_2022_3.zip (54.8 KB)


Thanks, @john-geehreng your setup is very useful, I did a test, and it worked well.

Great! Glad it worked for you too. It’s in the Logik Portal now.