Recommendations for Matchbox Suites

Looking for recommendations on current matchbox shader suites.

Need a bit more specific info. What do you need to do? There must be hundreds of MX’s now…

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Good to see ya here, KP!

Just looking for a solid set - 3 year old crok was working just peachy, but if there is one or 2 suites that are “definite recommendations”, I’ll take them

Then, “all of them”

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Yer just the best

Things I use daily:

  • LS Wireless
  • KE Object Obliterator

Specific Situations:

  • LS Random Grade (for inspiration)
  • LS Spline Blur
  • Crok Highpass
  • Crok Skin
  • Y Lens Blur

Also… I sorely miss Mark Doney. He did so many things with Matchbox. He would whip up something amazing when we asked 'is it possible to…"

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Accurate. I remember when I was at the Mill LA he offered to give us all of his shaders for the entire company to use for like $1k. Legend.

Mark was a true talent, and we lost a lot during that time. Also RIP Ivar Beer.


I never knew him personaly but boy he was so willing to help. What a clever lovely chap.

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