New Matchbox - KE Gradient Tracker

I wrote a new Matchbox shader that continuously samples the color under two trackable points and creates a smooth gradient between them: (49.6 KB)

Here’s a demo:

Give it a spin and let me know what you think!
I could probably create a 4-point version if there’s any interest.

Thanks to Ivar and the people on Shadertoy who are way smarter than I am.



Very cool. And thanks for a professional demo and explanation.

Definitely see lots of uses for this.

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i use the lightbox CC node in Action and set the light to rectangle with a big falloff to do this, this is def super handy and prob a lot less clicks. alpha output is a nice touch as well. thx for sharing.

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Awesome! This is something I’ve wanted in the gradient node forever.

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Well done Ted. Should definitely be doing VO professionally man…


This is great. Thanks, Ted.

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AMAZING! Thanks so much, Ted! :clap:t2: :clap:t2: :clap:t2:

I’ve been doing by hand for decades, THANK YOU :sparkles:

Love it !! What a great idea, that was missing and you solved it ! thank you :slight_smile:

Great idea, thank you!

Works very well!

I was surprised by how the gradient color shifted quickly to another color.
Is it locking at a single pixel?
Add to increase the sample Blur to reduce this shift but result in less accuracy.

Maybe looking at a wider area for both point and average the value can maybe result in less color shift.
Or maybe I’m missing something

However, it’s very impressive after a first use.
Will be useful in many situations!
Thank you for sharing

This is what I’ve always wanted from the default gradient tool, amazing.

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If Sample Blur is set to 0 it should be looking at a single pixel.

Increasing Sample Blur should average a wider area around that pixel.

Let me know if that’s not happening!



I see !! Probably push to hard on it !
Should be perfect