Working with Agencies?

Can i ask a question of you artist who regularly work with external agencies?

I very rarely have any contact with them, but i am currently having a nightmare project and before i rattle too many ego’s wanted to see if this makes sense.

A spot has been produced for us, with all production and post being handled by “agency”. Its for UK broadcast, and was shot in 4k at 25fps.
Edit has been done in FCPX, in a 60fps timeline, then sent to AE for all the cleanup and graphics etc, then rendered out in a single clip called “project” but its 60fps.

trying to conform the xml, everything is being timewarped, nothing has the correct in/out points and i’m currently matching everything by eye.

My question - is there any reason to edit a broadcast spot in a 60fps timeline?

I’ll try find out what was agreed in the morning, but i have a feeling its a case of whoever set it up had no clue what they were asking for and just assumes its easy to whatever.

sorry for the rant


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30+yrs editing only in 25fps and i was starting to think i was behind the times!

Haha. I always feel that way.

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at least when i question the reasoning i can be confident its likely an error.


This may be something of a trend. Just did an agency job where they shot 60i (!!) destined for a 25fps edit.
The explanation I got was something about flickering headlights - but I think this was more of a post-rationale than anything else.
Needless to say it was a bit of a headache. Thankfully I didn’t need to sort out the audio side of things since that was even more of a mess.


As long as there are agencies there will be flame artists with fridges full of the finest fancy foods.


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My only experience with doing anything at 60 is with network promos because they broadcast at 720p and they’re footage is all 60fps. Other than that it’s 23.976 or 25. But 60fps for 25fps material is crazy. You would think it would have been a 50fps timeline.

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After a discussion and me explaining my theory, they have admitted a error being made very early on and no one spotting it. They are busy correcting it all !


Hopefully it was shot in 8k too so it’s sharper at the end, not to mention hdr to give you more grading options.

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oh the irony of me making a spelling error in a sentence describing an error being made…