XOCN tagging in ACES

Hello all,

I’m trying to bring some XOCN from a Sony Venice into Flame 2021_1 and the colour space tagging seems to not be functioning correctly in my ACES project.

If I choose from files or rules I get linear rec709 tagging ( which is clearly wrong), forcing the tagging to be what it should be in the cameras\Sony drop down menu to linear Sgammut 3 I get “overcranked” saturation when compared to the ACES output form Baselight. I’ve tried all the Sony Camera options and all of them don’t match the Baselight ACES 2065-1 render.

Any ideas what might be going wrong here is this a bug fixed in a later versions?

I’m confident in the Baselight render in that it matches one I did from Resolve.

Any idea gratefully received


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I’d focus on round tripping something that you know is right. Find a test image here and start the round tripping in Baselight and Flame…

Test images are here:

In the Camera folder, pick the test image that corresponds to your workflow and start in Baselight and Flame from there. It’ll likely expose where something ain’t happy.

Did you check the Debayer Color settings if they are set to ACES? Otherwise you’re just changing the tagging and not the actual color space.

One other possibility: Sony is likely to update their firmware and SDK quite frequently. So maybe 2021_1 is misinterpreting the XOCNs. Baselight and resolve are quite fast in adapting to those updates.
Try installing the latest flame release to check.