Sony Venice


Is there a good guide on how to correctly interpret Venice footage on Flame. Everybody seems to be using these cameras nowadays.


Hey @julioleon,

Did you find a good workflow for Venice? I am currently struggling to get a good-looking image. Even Phantom files direct into rec709 look better than any settings that I can come up with for Venice.

Not really Sinan. Will let you know

It’s pretty similar to Alexa logC, so if you don’t care about being a little filthy you can just do that. Otherwise, you can go through ACES. Color Mgmt->Import->Camera->Sony->Slog3-SGamut3.Cine_no_cam_black_to_ACES.ctf then RRT+ODT->ACES_to_whateverYoureDoing.ctf (I use ACES_to_HD_Video_1.0 to get to rec709.)


There is a difference between venice XAVC and XOCN/ SonyRaw.

For any raw file do mind the raw debayer settings, flame tag should match the debayer settings and if you are in aces mode that should very much be it.

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You sure the colorist just didnt add their own grain on top? :smiley:

I cant reneber any trouble in regards to noise when I worked on a netflix show that was shot in venice, we worked on raw material of course.

Yes this can be a big gotcha. Flame’s debayer defaults to “standard” or something like that, which is twice as noisy as “quality!”


yea you really have to be very careful of RAW settings during import for all formats in Flame.

need to pull this back up, there are no colorspace options when debayering venice XOCN in the sonyRaw tab!!

i am struggeling to get this stuff out with publishing correctly…

As I explained last Sunday at the 2024.1 Update Logik Live event, Sony X-OCN is debayered to SLog3/ SGamut3.cine by default. For clip tagging, if you set MediaHub CM option From File or Rules you will also et this CS. You can use Auto-Convert to move from this color space to another if need be. The format based color space options were confusing for many users since there we located quite far in the GUI.

As far as High Quality Debayering option, we could set it by default if you guys feel we should do it BUT I would recommend to always validate these format options prior importing to ensure you are working with the right options. But as we know, you can change these settings ona clip basis if need be

Yea thats what I ended up doing too, auto convert them