You've Been Sooth'd Ep1: Contain that sh*t Bro!

My ramblings on the new Flame Project Server feature in 2023.


Cool solve! I use proxmox to virtualise Flame, so I could conceivably run the headless stone+wire lxc container on the same machine and get the same benefits?

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THIS is the way.

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Wait. Did Alan just compliment Autodesk?

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And whoa. Alan’s got his name on his building? Very pro.

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@friendlyape I have being looking at running Flame in a PM VM as well. Any tip for doing it suscefully? Specially the X11 part and GPU pass-through?

You should do it! its great, I can easily do snapshots and backups of my box to my truenas server.

It’s pretty straight forward if you have done GPU passthrough before. I did have to put video=efifb:off into the grub parameters to disable the efi framebuffer, otherwise the VM would hang on boot. 3080, 3090 and A5000 don’t require romfile which is nice. I don’t know if it was necessary for me, but I did turn off the secure boot settings inside the VM bios.

This link has everything you need to know, though!

If you get stuck and need more of a guiding hand let me know and I can give a more step by step guide.

Great… will do. Thanks so much.

Yes do the video how to set it up :slight_smile: it should be good as a reference for folks to try it and see if they like it.

@Alan Great video. Is it possible to setup a project server on an M1 Mac mini

My biggest question is why Alan uses 4:3 monitors. At least it’s in color I guess.

This is my rig.