Zoom/Pan sync multiple viewports

I’m working in two-up view with one viewport showing ‘front’ and the other viewport showing a context. Is there a way to sync both windows’ pan/zoom? Every time I move one I have to move the other to see the same detailed area.

I would vote up a feature request for something like this. I would like it to include one up view.
If I am zoomed into some eyelashes on a green screen I would like to see my context show the exact same framing and level of zoom.

Yes please :+1:

Flame Feature Request Here



Voted :point_up:
Ha! It is only 7 years old.

Status says excepted. What does that mean :thinking:

It means they acknowledge that it would be a good addition and it isn’t redundant.

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It doesn’t say Expected but Accepted. It means that the request is legitimate (otherwise it would have been set to Rejected).


Thanks @fredwarren

That was my bad journalism.