2 Exports - 2 different Color Profiles

I have 2 sequences, both Rec709. Really no difference between the 2.
I did a ProRes export of both, one had video encoding of 1-2-1, which is what i would expect. The other had 2-2-1. No differences in the media. Anyone seen this?

Did you export one with ColorSync on and the other with off? You might see a difference viewing it with Quicktime.

I wish that were the case. No I exported them both at the same time, using the same preset. I then tried to use a default preset, same thing.
In looking at AMCDX, it shows the primaries as undefined. They should be ITU-R BT.709. I can change it but shouldn’t have to.

I’ve actually gotten the Colour Space warning on one spot when the only differences between 2 spots was the audio track. I’ve never followed up. It only happens when I’m in a hurry

I have never seen it wig out that that before. Why would the primaries change from 1-2-1 to 2-2-1 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Maybe unspecified in the Transfer Function so that you can define 2.4 gamma but the primaries :thinking:

Even though you know that they are rec.709, are they tagged as rec.709.
In Flame rec.709 can look correct even if it is tagged incorrectly. It is effectively no LUT to view correctly on your monitor. But the NCLC tagging and the ColorSync will take its info from how the clip is tagged.

Sounds like a glitch to me but not one I have seen before. What version of Flame ? Linux or Mac?

Using Flame 2024.2 on Linux.

The problem is not how they look in flame but how they look in any other color managed system.
I often export ProResLT and then create an mp4 from there. I always retag the mp4 as 1-2-1. Fortunately 2025 let’s you use ColorSync when creating mp4s so this is less of an issue going forward.
But yes, first time I’ve seen this.

Doesn’t Flame determine the color space of a timeline by the first shot in the sequence?
Maybe compare the first clip in each timeline and see if you can find anything different.


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It can also be affected if the first frame is gap black if the gap colourspace is not set properly.

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I did a quick test. If my gap colourspace is set incorrectly, and I export between the marks with my inpoint set a few frames ahead of my first segment, I get 2-2-1. But I also get a warning before I do it that I have a mixed colourspace. And as I mentioned earlier, I’ve gotten that warning when the only difference was audio tracks.

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colorsync compatible merely tries to guess stuff, 1-2-1 is always incorrect :v:

stuff will always revert to beign tagged 1-1-1 once uploaded anywhere so its a inconsitent “hack” that should be avoided especially as newer macbooks in reference mode will show a over contrasty image when you feed it 1-2-1 this is really depreceated of a workaround for a problem that doesnt even exist.

Transfer function shouldnt be undefined, its rec709 , 1.961 is correct, if your display is 2.4 you get a total system gamma of 1.22 as per rec709 specs. thats how it should be and how any camera on esrth handles rec709

the issue is apple manages rec709 tagged content wrongly, it assumes a bright surround viewing environment and thus a ootf of 1 which is why people start to freak out, but on xdr displays you can now just put the ootf back into the inage stream on the display side and bobs your uncle (choose xdr rec709 preset)