2022.3 Micro freezes

I know it’s been talked about a lot, but I thought maybe it had been fixed for 2022.3. I’m on a brand new Lenovo and these freezes are killing me. Is there some kind of movement/hope here?

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2022.3.1 :crossed_fingers:

I am going to hold you to that. Thanks.

I wouldn’t hold me to anything. Still on 2020.3.1 here. Due some testing this week and hoping to update all boxes to 2022 sometime during May.

I would have hoped that we would get the latest and greatest service pack.

Still getting the freezing (maybe a little less? Who can tell?) on 2022.3.1 here.

I’m seeing them, too. Same version.

What about 2023, anyone running that and getting them?

I haven’t.

Is anyone finding that reboots at least temporarily decrease the freezes?

Yes here. Also restarting the software before about 90% of Memory is in use helped a lot getting its frequency lowered down for me. (Still using 22.2)

Just software restart - not reboot?

Worked for some months now at least. Somehow some projects are less/more freezing somehow. Full system restart felt like it helped for the more freezing ones, if software won’t help or RAM already had been full.