Flame 2022 / Centos 8 / Freezing

Hi Guys, Ive updated to Flame 2022 running on Linux Centos8 a many months ago. Been trying to figure out what is causing Flame to hang randomly and its becoming more frequent. Been through multiple OS and DKU installs, firmware upgrades, BiOS upgrades and still have the same issues. Anyone else experiencing similar issues ?
Or is my system just too dated ?

HP Z840 10core Dual Xeon
M6000 24GB
2TB HP ZTurbo

Any suggestions?

Search this forum for “micro freeze”

Great ! Thought it was just me. Thanks for the reply @ALan . Let’s hope Autodesk sorts this out soon.

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Hi @Keno_flo,

Would you mind upgrading to 2022.2 Update when you get the opportunity, and letting us know if the situation persists?


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And here…

Yes, will do !

Thanks @randy

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Hey @YannLaforest
I decided to do a fresh install of Centos, the Autodesk nvme install option. I got rid of all sata ssd’s, only running nvme on the system. Got the latest install of Flame 2022.2 sorted. Still freezing up randomly. What I did notice, something that’s different, there is an unusually long load on the graphics memory when launching flame compared to 2021. Could the problem be related to this ? Anyone else experiencing a longer wait on graphics memory?
I will record my screen and upload the vid.