2023.1, Linux, and Mocha no workie

Hi - apologies if someone has already asked this question…
Now that we have installed Mocha’s latest version on
our Linux boxes running 2023.1, Mocha crashes each time, even if we just go in and then right back out. Kind of a bummer since some of us use it ALOT. Our engineer is aware but has not gotten a solution just yet. Any thoughts/suggestions/experience on this? Thanks!

What version of Linux are you running? CentOs 7.6 or Rocky 8.5?

Hi Adam -
CentOs 7.6

Open a case with Boris support for sure. Something ain’t right cuz the latest is working for me here.

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Randy! Always great to hear from you! I was told our engineer did that, but will continue to bug him/Boris. Thank you!

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And double check to see if the standalone app or ofx plug-in, whichever one you aren’t using, works. As in, try the other one in case ya haven’t.

Not sure we have the standalone. We use the ofx plug in. Just sent Boris an e-mail. Thanks kind sir!

If you pay for a site license you get all of them. Worth asking.

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Will do!