2023.3 crashing_strange log errors

Flame is crashing a lot this am and wondered if anyone has seen these errors in the log files or knows what could be causing the crashes?

Getting a lot of these errors:
[ARRI Image SDK]Unregistered transform factory for transform
[5726:79016:20230314,125522.186799:ERROR process_reader_mac.cc:308] thread_get_state(4): (os/kern) invalid argument (4)

Sometimes crashes when doing a resize of 4k prores 422 ftg in an HD timeline, footage is reading off of the Editshare. Anyone else have problems with Editshare with flame?

macOS 12.6.2 Monterey
Mac Studio, M1 Ultra

EditShare Connect v2022.1.2.msi

Flame 2023.3

I’m working with @ace_elliott on this. The Editshare is connected via 10 Gig ethernet, and on Blackmagic disk speed test it writes at about 550 MBps, and reads at 950 MBps. It is mounted using Editshare’s EFS protocol. It has been pretty reliable for our Premiere editors, but maybe there’s some reason why Flame doesn’t like it?

We have @ace_elliott remoting into this Flame using Jump Desktop, and I’m wondering if that is a potential culprit.

I would definitely recommend updating to latest Ventura as a start if running 2023.3 on an Apple Silicon Mac.
That ProRes issue could be/maybe something related to the M1 and flame 2023.3 not running on Ventura. I could be wrong of course.

  • also OT if the issue but Apple only truly(as in fully and quickly), does security updates to it current OS’s.