"IMAGE: Saving Setup" --> Crash

I had to downgrade my Flame to 2021.1.1 for a job and now, flame freezes random in batch with the Status “IMAGE: Saving Setup…”.
MacStudioM1 Ultra with Ventura13.3.1
Does anyone have an idea, what could cause this problem? :-/
Can’t find any hints in the log.

Just a guess, but 2021.1.1 would not have been made to run on Ventura. That might be relevant.

Support for M1 products was added in the Flame 2022.3 Update.

Hmm… this can cause random crashes?
I always thought rosetta fixes this issue?

The support added in the Flame 2022.3 Update was via Rosetta2 and “native” support was added in the Flame 2024 release.

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Thanks man!