2024.1 and corrupted/stuck image buffers

We’ve recently upgraded to 2024.1 for both our Linux boxes as well as our sole Mac. On both systems we’re noticing weird instances of either the image buffer being corrupted or not showing the result.

Text on the timeline: Upon changing something, say a slate, when you exit out the BG is now all messed up and/or taking bits from some other random bit of the timeline.

Batch: You can no longer see the result of a node. F4 now shows some other random buffer, in this case the previous shot one was working on. F1 shows the front input though just fine. Once that happens,when you try to scrub through a clip within batch it also shows the random image buffer.

Curious if others have had anything like this happening. Beyond the text module, we can’t figure out how to reproduce the batch one so we haven’t reached out to support yet.

Hi Kyle,

I am seeing a similar issue. I’ve started Case ID: 20791280.

I highly suggest when you see this happen, record the screen immediately.

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Any good recommendations for a screen recorder for Rocky?

I’ve always used TeamViewer or RGS from macOS into the linux machine, then QuicktimePlayer Screen Record the shared screen window. I then use the mic on the mac to narrate.

But even just using iPhone to ghetto record the screen is helpful to show ADSK people whats going on.

Ghetto is better than nothing I suppose!