2D stabilise module flashing during analysis

We’ve just upgraded from 2022 to 2023.3 (Linux CentOS 7.6).

Since the upgrade, when in the 2DTransform Stabilisation module (both TLFX and node within Batch), during analysis we’re getting flashing on the broadcast monitor - but weirdly not in the Flame monitor viewport, which the broadcast should be following while in that module. It briefly flashes to a brighter version of the image each time the analyser moves to the next frame. It’s intermittent, but happens quite often.

The analysis and render etc is all fine, but it’s really annoying.

We’ve only just switched to working ACEScct in Flame projects, not ACEScg, although I’m pretty sure it’s also happening in legacy ACEScg projects upgraded to 2023, so working space is probably not relevant. All viewing rules etc are set up correctly anyway.

Anyone else seen this?

I see this with any use of the old school tracker. It has something going on that doesn’t translate to BMD broadcast output. The broadcast picture is a copy of the UI viewport but not color managed and during analysis it will flash.

Are you using BMD device?

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Thanks Bryan. No we’re running AJA.

It feels like a bug introduced in 2023. We’ve been using the 2D tracker heavily for years, and have never seen this before.
It’s also visible (while still within the Stabilisation module) after analysis when you frame-by-frame, or scrub the timebar. And I’ve just found it goes wacky (even if it wasn’t flashing during analysis) if you click-and-hold the viewing rule in the bottom right of the viewer. So maybe a bug relating to that?

I don’t use the 2d Transform tracker often, but I did a quick test on Rocky Linux 2023.3 without any issues.