30th Anniversary Edition

2013 was the 20th Anniversary Edition. On that accord 2023 will be the 30th Anniversary Edition. Thanks to the dev team once again for such a great piece of software. And, duuude it’s been three decades!!!


that is pretty crazy! kudos to the dev team for sure! 30 years!!!

…i think all we are getting this time around is a logo refresh!


Do you really want to experience another Anniversary Edition? I don’t have enough hair for another.


20th was released when I just started learning Flame.
So I could survive another Anniversary. And I have some hair to spare =P

Some suggestions for that one:

  • Flame Social Media Edition: Now with UI designed for vertical screens.
  • Flame Touchbar only
  • Flame for iOS and Android to do magic on the go
  • Flame with M1 support / Windows support

Ok… Last one was not really a joke =P

Kudoz to the Devs! On for the next 30! <3


Ah, that`s what vertical reels should be used for


Every time someone mentions the 20th Anniversary edition, I have flashbacks of working late one weekend night and being bitten by BFX of death bug. Good Times. :wink:

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Yes. :innocent:

Anniversary Edition was the best thing to happen to Flame. The first few releases were rough, but ten years on I am grateful daily for that sea change. I wish there were more cavalier jumps like it, in software and life in general. It was a tumultuous time for the devs and the users, but we’re all better for it. I’m grateful they had the courage and skill to pull it off.

Happy 30th Flame!


My, how time flies when you’re having fun . . . .

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Yes, yes it was. And what an unusable timeline at the start.

To say things have come a long way since would be an understatement. Looking forward to what’s to come…


Really like to see better multi thread and gpu utilization

Agreed, and I’ll keep saying it until the cows come home: Metal support for OSX. The gap in performance between Linux and OSX should not be as wide as it is. Would love to see that confirmed on the roadmap.

I know a lot of you were bitten by the 20th but back then I was on Smoke I think, and didnt really see what the fuss was about. Can someone enlighten me or is it too painful to recollect

It wasn’t so much the workflow and button changes. It was that it was super crashy and silently ate BFX on the regular.