38" Ultrawide

So I just want to say - for all my ultrawide users out there - 38" feels like a completely new dimension of awesomenes going from a dell uw3415w to a eizo 38" EV3895.

Definetly a upgrade well worth it imho, native 2.4:1 UHD 3840x1600 … its delicious and not as “huge” as I thought it will be, its extremely comfortable to use.


Pfffftttt… 3840x1600… how about 5120x2160. I got this on back-order.

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hahaha wow thats awesome as well I didnt even see that one :smiley:

wow let me know how it is!

Being a curved display doesn’t pose any issues?

no, your brain striaghtens everything out, if you have 2 screens think about the angles they are to each other absolutely not a issue, it actually helps with useabillity.

Love them, I have 2 on my windows machine. Space for LOTS of Firefox tabs