3D analyser stabilise the jitter

Hi all - I’m trying to take some jitter out of a dolly move - I’ve tracked it in flame, got a good result, hooked up a projector but I can’t find pitch and yaw anymore to take out camera wobble - how does one take out the jitter these days?

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I like @ChrZap’s trick of using Motion Vectors with multiple reference frames.


Or, for fastest results, Auto Stabilize with an increased Scene Flexibility and then switch the channels you want to smooth from Fixed to Smooth and animate Smoothing. How many times can I use the word smooth in the same sentence? Smooth.

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I think pitch and yaw would just be the rotation channels. I’m assuming you’re using a copy of your tracked camera to render your projected plate - averaging the rotation channels should smooth out the bumps.

Very smooth, Randy. As always! :heart::fire:

So here’s the thing: I tracked it in flame and all I get are interest or xyz camera. In the interest there’s all that rotation on the interest but it’s incredibly minute and there’s roll. If I tried and averaged by even 6frames it goes crazy. I’m going to have a look again out of curiosity because it just doesn’t feel right. In the end, by coincidence, I did use and auto stab to get it over the line.