Here’s a question

Got a shot. Talent fg. Bg tracked in 3D space out of focus.

There’s jitter on talent. If I remove jitter with 1pt track stab average then background has jitter.

So I need to inverse jitter and add to bg. Can anyone think of a way to do this?

Can’t rebuild the shot. Too much stuff been worked on top of bg comp.

some level of motion vector stabilization might help, but as I once explained to an overpromising DoP: the problem with parallax jitter is stabilizing any one point makes all the others worse.

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Somewhere in the middle so that they both jitter a little? Very filmic!!

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Already tried it. Didn’t work unfortunately.

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I mean I could. I was just hoping /

Hang on I think I’ve thought of a plan. -minus(Axis1.position.y minus axis2.position.y) or something. That should do it. I think.

Godwin’s Law states that as an online discussion grows, the probability of someone throwing in an obscure expression increases.

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…you know who else said that?? ducks

Stabilize with the Distort node like @BrittCiampa does.

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Yes. That’s a good idea.

How much separation is there between FG and BG @johnt ?

Another great suggestion. I don’t think that would work here.

I wish I could show you the shot but it’s nda’d.

It’s an abstract bg. So I have full control but it has geometric shapes on it.

Why not just separate the FG and BG but apply the jitter stab to only the FG?

Another excellent suggestion. But theres too much work happened after the comp: tonnes of warping on the talent and I really dont have time to retrack everything. Especially now its been signed off. So i was hoping yo add inverse jitter to the bg so it might right itself at the end.

There ought to be a matte in the pipeline where you can separate the two plates. Keep the talent stabilized, use the inverted matte, pixelspread, stabilize the bg and comp again?

what if you deal the clip by 2. Then timewarp ml back to original duration??

Expression worked!!!
stabilize axis-average axis

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