3d Lighting and Modelling in Action

with a few topics recently bringing up Flames 3d abilities, thought i’d use some quiet time to try a few ideas out…and that’s left me with a big puzzle thats eluding me.

I have a imported fbx model shot glass that i have rotated to create a spinning cone. I have applied a metal pbs shader and placed a small sphere inside the glass coloured to simulate a bulb. Then at the same co-ordinates i have a Spotlight Rays pointing out of the cone. The entire model is then controlled by a single rotational axis to simulate a spinning lamp (think Police Squad intro sequence).

No matter what i do, when the model is facing away from camera, the light rays are still fully visible as if the cone wasn’t there.
the attached images show the problem…Screenshot 2021-10-14 at 09.19.48
Screenshot 2021-10-14 at 09.27.22
Screenshot 2021-10-14 at 09.27.35
Screenshot 2021-10-14 at 09.28.18

Q1 - can this be fixed to behave as if the object between light source and lens acts as an Occluding object?

Q2 - can an object to set to act as a light emitter?

thanks in advance

Z-sort for priority or maybe animate your priority list? And maybe setting that object as an occluder in the Output tab might help? Or maybe you could add another cutter sort of gmask?

You can set the object to full self illumination to get rid of shading and add some post blur. But no, we don’t have object light sources in Flame.

thanks Sinan,
already tried the Priority list and it makes no difference (except to bugger up the rest of the model!).

I think trying to set up occluders on the output would get ridiculously complicated, as there are quite a few that will be needed in this model, and i’d rather output a working model than have to export layers and re-comp it afterwards.

Its just proving to me that 3d is really something to leave to external apps if you need anything more complex than a basic extruded logo.


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