Flame 2022 - RED Raptor & Monstro R3D files not supported?

Hi all! Glad to be on the Logik forum finally!

For my first question here - is it possible RED.R3D files from the Raptor and Monstro aren’t supported (yet)?

Because I am starting conforming on a huge 8K project, and having had the (perhaps naive) impression that Flame (2022, OSX Catalina) could read any R3D files just fine, it won’t recognise the RAW files I was given. It’s a bit of a time-consuming process as a sideroute to reach out to Resolve to transcode to EXR, so I was wondering…is it just me?

OK thanks!!!

I’m not sure about the specifics of 2022, but this has definitely been an issue for me in the past. Are you able to install 2022.1 or 2022.2 to see if they support the latest Red SDK?

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I don’t know all of the RED camera models in depth but I can tell you I am currently working with Helium 8k and all is working fine in flame 2022.2

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thanks for your replies - I also reckoned it might be latest update. Having a new machine installed tomorrow (Lenovo 620 - keen to see how it will perform!!!) and we will try to update to .2

I’ll make sure I post the findings. Thanks again!!

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You’ll love it. It’s unbelievably fast.

For what it’s worth, I think 2022.2 is using the RED SDK 8.0.4, and I don’t see anything in the generic release notes about added camera support or anything in 8.1.x, so I would assume they are supported (but we all know what they say when we assume…) Not sure which SDK plain 2022 was using.

Hi all, again, thanks for your replies - we installed 2022.2 and it works beautifully, reads the RED files nicely!

Also, glad to be back on Linux Flame - @randy I haven’t come around to testing the Lenovo thoroughly since I had to get into prepping the new project quite fast…but I am loving it already!

Y’all have a nice week.

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I’d love to know how it benchmarks as I tweak mine. Mind running the Flame Benchmark when you have a chance?

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That is my intention! Will post some findings as soon as I can - for now, it’s a little busy but I’ll get to it before too long…perhaps nice to update the data in that benchmark sheet if that’s still around…:slight_smile:

wheres the flame benchmark that you use Randy?

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