8K Workflow Batchs

Hello everybody :slight_smile:

You have noticed that we have more and more 8K clips to work on.
We have to keep native resolution for many reasons (multi-formats crop, vertical versions, etc).

I had some issues and crashes since I work with 8K, i disable Hardware AA on Batchs, i have to add render nodes at each part of my batch to keep the speed and avoid issues with some matchbox (some don’t like these resolution to work well : Bilateral / K_MaskBlur / Dollface / A2 Beauty…).

Sometimes, i have to make resize/crop parts I work on and recomp these into an Action to reassemble them…

How do you deal with 6k or 8k footage on Batch ?

I work on iMac Pro 2017 AMD Vega 56.

Do I have to change to a Mac Studio M1 Ultra or is it a way or more ways to deal with 8k batchs without issues and “Out of memory / Crashes / Crazy render times” ?

Thank you for your advices and testimonials.


It is incredibly rare that one actually requires 8k.

Priority 1 is to work on smaller images.

Priority 2 is to work on fewer frames.

You are working on the highest resolution image possible on a 5 year old computer that wasn’t designed with active cooling and on a graphics card that isn’t even in the top 50 of the highest spec graphics cards on the market. So, you’re gonna have a bad time.

I’d be freaked out to work on 8k on a P620 with dual RTX A6000s, let alone what you are working with.

If I were you I’d just work at 3k or 4k and uprez to 8k. There is rarely a legitimate need for what you are attempting to do.


This might help.

Lets you crop area and will place back on top w expression.
Open the batch and drop in your plate. T-click and adjust.
Good to have in userBin.


I did that for one job because Flame crashed several times and my client need the job to be done on the native and keep the 8k…

Yeah I Know… :wink:

So nobody work on 6k or 8k native ?

This is your problem… get a Lenovo/Dell/Supermicro Threadripper beast with an Nvidia A6000. The as yet un-announced Mac Pro might be an alternative though.

Anybody use Mac Studio with M1 Ultra with Flame ?

I’m aware I have to get a new machine to work well with big clips.

Just bought a Mac Studio Ultra, top spec everything. It’s ripping through stuff compared to my iMac Pro. Is there anything specific you would like me to test?

Oh Cool Rufus.
I wonder if the speed up is significant especially with big batchs and high res shots.

Motion vection render is better ?
Does matchbox are really better in time consumption ? Some don’t work in higher than 4k clips.

I tried on a MBP with M1Max Topaz video enhance a slomo AI on a beauty powder shot and the performance blowed my mind.

Slomo 400% (25% speed) took nearly 50sec / frame with my iMac pro,

With the M1Max on a MBP : 1.3 sec / frame.

Maybe the neural engine cores on the M1 helped,

I still have my iMac Pro (Radeon Pro Vega 64) and created a 8k batch with all those matchboxes you mentioned. The iMac took 13 mins, the Mac studio took 4. No crashes, but the whole machine was really bogged down on the iMac, on the Studio you could still use other apps and stuff no problem.

The biggest difference I have seen so far has been Topaz Video AI and Neat Video, both of which were 8x faster on the Studio!

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Thank you Rufus for your feedback !
So the Mac Studio is a good upgrade solution.

8k is a lie. Nobody films with lenses that are sharp to 8k, nobody gives a scene enough light to have the noise levels low enough. I feel your pain because clients are in permanent “better safe than sorry” mode for whatever disposable video effort they have you working on and can rarely be talked out of it.

…No harm in cheating though,

Barring a very paranoid pedant actively looking over my shoulder, here is my 8k workflow:

  1. Import 8k clip.
  2. Downres 8k to my working resolution (say 4k, though I may go down to 3k depending)
  3. Immediately upres back to 8k
  4. Subtract the upres 8k from the source 8k and render that image out.
  5. Do all work on the downres plate
  6. Upres at the end, add the subtract plate to the work.

This will keep all un-worked-on areas at pure, perfect, never downresed 8k, and most of the stuff that the resolution shift is going to mash out isn’t going to be significant enough to ruin whatever work you’ve done; it’s almost all noise. Always a chance you will need to do some grain/sharpen shenanigans to the altered part of the plate once back up to 8k, but in most cases you’ll be fine.


Now that I know how to add subscripts I can do all sorts of fun footnote-y things. In this case I would like to suggest the upres and downres operations be done in logarithmic color space as linear can get funky with certain kernels (Lanczos, Mitchell, Shannon), and that your downres and upres nodes do not need the same kernel (e.g. Lanczos) to work, but the two upres nodes do need to be identical.


I love your way to think.
I totally agree Andy,
Thank you

In their defense, this is going to be the sharpest 9x16 insta story ad ever!


If they are demanding you work in 8k, I’d demand getting paid with one of these…

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There actually had been a job here last month, where they shot in studio with 8.3k (dont know which cam and lense, maybe Z9?)
Perfect sharp and only a little grain. Light was good, shutter not enough to have little moblur. So it is possible.

Sadly delivery was in 1080p, only one shot had a resize to at least 50%, the rest was framed in camera. :rofl:


Oh i did :wink:

This ^^