Aces cg / 2065 exr export from flame clipping


This is probably me being a bit of a fool… but I’m experiencing clipping when I export Aces cg & 2065 exr files from flame.

Source files are Alexa log… project is set to Aces 1.1 color management…

The import rules have been set to auto convert to bring it in to Aces cg… and all looks good on my monitor through the display lut… highlight are big (above 1)… but are there.

The file is exported as 16bit fp Open EXR (PIZ)… but the file is brought back in… the highlights have been clipped.

As a matter of sanity I also loaded the file into Fusion and Resolve and they are showing the same clipping.

And ideas? or is this a “feature”?


Check if the timeline is less than 16bit.


Whoops! Thanks for this… I knew this was just me being a fool.



happens to me all the time, hence my speed with the response. haha. :slight_smile: