Action in Node Bin - Reset to default?

I hve no idea how it has happened but when I drag an action out of the Nodes bin, it is not in the default setup. It is like it has taken on a different default state from a comp. I did not know this was even possible or how it happened. It has empty media layers and multiple outputs.

Any suggestions on how to fix this? I have reloaded the default bin but action is behaving the same. Also, any ideas on how this happened in the first place?

Think I will be creating a new user as it is really annoying.

Yeah, new user - or spend too much time trying to figure it out. I’ve never seen that, sorry.

Action, and most nodes I believe, have a Default state you can save.

There is an option in the Action contextual menu to save the current Action as default. Likely you had a slip of the pen and mistakenly chose that.

You should be able to reset your Action and choose that again from the contextual menu to save a new reset Action as your new default.


Setting the default states of Action/Image/Gmask Tracer was introduced in Flame 2022.

This video shows how it works with TimelineFX but the same is still applicable to these nodes in Batch.


Not for nothin’, it would be great to have this feature in other nodes as well, such as resize, text and paint.


I’ve been doing this so long I forget some things and when I accidentally reset the defaults to something other then default, but resetting nodes or default settings has changed since the last time I had to do it to the point where it was driving me crazy. Thank You for keeping this old timer current