Cant load input 1 in action

when I open a new action node in batch, I add a new input.(CNTL+N)
The node comes out as input 2.
How can I add an input 1 node?
flame 2023.3.2

Sounds like perhaps there’s already something or empty in input one? With input one media layer selected in Action, use the Extract option to make Input 1 usable in batch.

the only way for extract to work is if I first hit replace, cancel the selection from the desktop, and then hit extract.

I fixed it by going to node preferences and selected (revert to factory).
That fixed everything.
thanks for your help.

It funny that there are four ways to save action defaults/prefs. There are two under the save menu (save prefs or save defaults), one button under node prefs, and there are more action preferences under the the menu Preferences>Action.

Does anybody even know what the difference is between prefs and defaults? If I want something to stick I do all 3 of the save options, then exit flame immediately so that if it crashes, I don’t loose my settings.