Action Input

What do i have to do to get an action input to land just south west of the Action node? As of now when i add an input its a free for all and often times the input ends up due north of the action node and off screen…which results in a lot of panning to get it back. I want to say it started in the 2021 version, but i’m still getting it in the 2022 version.

By default it goes wherever your cursor is when you add the input. If you leave the cursor inside the Action node or somewhere outside the schematic view completely, it should stack them up below and to the left like it used to.


Why have I never noticed this before.


That is more satisfying than finding a new hotkey.

It’s new-ish, 2021.2 maybe? If I remember right it came along with the Search tool where, similarly, wherever the cursor is when you pop up Search and add a node is where the new node will go.

(Also related, in case you didn’t know, if you select a node first and then hit Search and add a new node from it, it should automatically connect its self as a downstream node in most cases…)

Of course @La_Flame has a video about it all :slight_smile:

Nah, that little nugget of pleasure comes to those using Flame 2020 also.

I’ll have to wait for the search function unless I want to use the
python script.

Well that’s my lousy memory for ya.

I just came across a new method of cleaning up a node in an Image schematic.

You know you can hit alt-T to tidy up the whole schematic but did you know that if you highlight a surface or Axis then do a alt-t that only the branch and children are tidied up.


Media Input being added under the cursor was introduced in 2019.2 Update.

The only way to prevent this from happening and have the previous behaviour is to put the cursor over the corresponding Action node. In that case the media input nodes will be added at the bottom left of the Action node.


Hmmmm…after messing with it, i’m not a fan. It forces me to slow down to make sure the cursor hangs out around the action node before i hit the N key. I suppose i’ll get used to it but right now i can’t win either way…spend time wrangling the input back to where i need it or having to stop and think about cursor placement (and/or where my pen is pointing) while adding the input.

However, good to know what was causing the behavior.

Select another node before adding a new one

That’s an added step…I liked when i could just add an input and it landed {more often than not} where i needed it…didn’t have to think about it. Now i get to fight with it everyday. It’s not a huge deal…just mildly aggravating.

I’'m still waiting for the day that ‘extract’ a layer from Action will be ordered nicely, instead crossing my whole batch comp…