Action Transition presets (now with a new preset!)

How does one add to the Presets menu when adding an Action Transition to a clip?

There are several categories of these presets that ship with Flame (CONCEAL, MISC, PUSH, etc.) and I see those folders are located here in the filesystem:

/opt/Autodesk/presets/–flame version–/action/transitions/

I want to make my own category/folder there and save action setups into it to use from that same menu. I can make the folder and the folder name shows up in the presets menu but after saving an action setup in there, I can’t get it to show up in the menu. I can apply the setup fine by selecting the transition in the timeline, clicking the Editor button and then loading the action setup like usual but the transition menu doesn’t recognize my setup.

Any ideas?

This menu:


I’ve also tried copying the files for one of the existing presets into the new folder I made but it won’t show up. The folder shows up in the menu but the contents of that folder do not. :neutral_face:

A limitation of the Presets popup is that it was coded for batch node and will only show setup that are setupName.nodetype_node. While load action presets does not use the setupName.action_node file while loading, the presets popup use it for display. So to have your setup showing, in a shell go to the location where you saved “MyNewPresetSetup.action” and type the following “touch MyNewPresetSetup.action_node”.


That did the trick. Thank you!

I made an Action transition preset inspired by this After Effects preset.

Unzip the BREAKDOWN_WIPE folder and put it in:
/opt/Autodesk/presets/-flame version-/action/transitions/

Then you will be able to select it from the Presets menu after adding an Action Transition to the head of a clip. That’s it.

Stretching the transition will stretch the duration of the wipe. There is an axis available from the timeline ribbon to adjust the thickness of the line. Edit the transition/Action setup to change the color or whatever else you want.

BW-menu fish (291.6 KB)