Adding a slate to a comp

Just wondering how people are automatically adding a 1 frame slate to the head of VFX shots they are rendering/exporting?

I’m hoping there is a smarter way of doing it in batch rather than opening a timeline and adding a smart slate to the front of it. Is there some cool Python script for that?

I had thought about if I used a write node instead of a render node for my comps then have a user setup that I drag with smart burn-in data that writes a single frame at frame 1000 to its own write node every time (since comps will start at frame 1001).


You’d have loved @andymilkis demo at NAB.


I can show you how I’m doing it sometime tomorrow.


I would love that!! I really appreciate the offer. Let me know a time that suits you.

Hey Adam!

I’m really keen to see Andy’s version of this but I did figure out a way to do it in batch by offsetting my comp downstream with a mux node, adding a frame of black and then offsetting both timecode and frame count by 1 on the write node. Also you have to adjust your SF frame count back to 1000. You only have to set it up once but need to update any data manually (date, version). I know there’s a way to integrate python but this helped me get a project through quickly in the past.


I would love a good solve for this! Ideally just set and forget so all metadata gets updated as you iterate your batch.

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You guys are both in Sydney, right?

No but same time zone!

Speaking of… do you have videos and will those videos be available?

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I’d also love to see your solution Andy.
What I do is create a template with Action and save it to my project bin, then pull it out for each shot and manually change the details.
It may be a bit clunky but works for me.

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We do not. @ace_elliott live-streamed to Discord. Hosting simultaneously live and virtual events is not something we are capable nor interested in, to be completely transparent. Our aim is to be fully present and people-focused in person since…well…it hardly ever happens!

I know it’s not ideal.

We have a lot of ideas about NAB next year. Lotsa possibilities.

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Pity. Lots of people missed it probably. Being 10 hours apart and all…


How about we meet on Discord at 18:00 ET today?

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I predict @andymilkis as this year’s One Frame of Slate winner.


@Sinan let me know when’s a good time. Happy to show you!

Hey Paul…can you join us in Discord?

Bit late here, tomorrow?

Thanks for the offer @andymilkis. I was wondering about all the other sessions as well :pensive:

Last time I checked, Flame didn’t have an easy way of triggering post render tasks. Is it still the case? This could be a really useful feature for things like slates.

Let me know what time works and I’ll show you.