Adding elbows bug or not?

Do you all get this problem with multi exrs adding elbows?
bugor not

Yeah. I totally get this all the time.

It’s a bit dull isn’t it? I’ll have a look on the bug database.

Just made an entry: Bug number FP-02903

"thanks John.

we reproduced the issue.

yeah, but they’re just on top of each other right?

As you say they are just on top of each other but I think the expected behaviour is that they pop out to the right of a node/collapsed exr…

You’re asking too much John :slight_smile:


You are correct John. The issue is that an elbow is always added next to the socket of the collapsed version of a node.

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Hi @johnt,

As a reminder, the bug database you referred to is the beta defect database, and only defects encountered in the last beta version must be reported there.

The other defects must be reported to our technical support team.

Also, information coming from the beta database must not be shared on public forums (for legal - NDA reasons).

This is not a problem in this specific case, but I want to ensure that we are aligned if a similar situation happens again.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions.


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