Optimizing Flame Keyboard modifiers

I’m wondering if anyone has tips on how to make Flame keyboard shortcuts more human body friendly? I’ve developed a ripping case of tendinitis from having to do so much awkward holding down keyboard modifiers. Having to hold down Ctrl Space for an eternity to do continous zoom seems to be the worst offender! I’d like to make it more like Nuke where I can hold down the pen button and drag up or down to zoom in and out. Any other pro tips of better mappings would be very welcome!

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There are so many ways to make it more ergonomic and faster and kinder to your soon to be arthritic fingers. Don’t know where to start, and it’s to each his own. I remapped or created probably 50-ish shortcuts over the years, and it’s an ongoing process.

But what’s best for me might not be best for you. I’d suggest paying close attention to the strokes you use most often, particularly the ones that make you play finger Twister to use, and remap them to your ergonomic taste.


You can set “zoom” to one of the pen buttons, by searching by “zoom” and changing “continuous zoom” shorcut. And then you can also change for zoom in animation window. (“zoom the curves or dope sheet canvas”). Remember hotkey panel window shows shortcuts only related from area where it is opened. I used to go to batch tab and open shorcut window

I do it since years and years, and I couldn’t live without it. It my FIRST tweak after install or update flame. Your other hand will be happier.


You can also manually copy over your custom hotkeys from version to version - they mostly do not port automatically. I haven’t had to manually re-enter them in over a decade.

Thanks Kily. I can find the keyboard shortcut editor, but I can’t seem to figure out how to map to a pen button. Continuous Zoom only seems to let me map to a few keys on the keyboard. I opened it from the batch tab.

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Just click on the “shortcut box” with the pen pressing the button. You should see something like “POINTER_BUTTON_1 ” (or whatever pen button you choose). If not, I don’t know what could be going on.

It’s a kind of superstition. I preferred setup a completely new user. But, since a few versions, yes, I copy old user to new user (but only from time to time :upside_down_face: :smile:.)

I got some great advice here about a year ago: get a streamdeck. I bought the 32 key version and it’s been great. You can set up multiple pages for each mode: Media Hub, Batch, etc. I set the unit up right where I rest my non-pen hand and it’s been amazing.

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Which model of stream deck?

It’s the streamdeck xl with 32 buttons.

I use it with my Mac Studio. I also use Keyboard Maestro - which helps with some of the “death grip” combos in Flame. Particularly anything with a space bar involved…

A quick search came up with this for Linux folks…

Big thanks.

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If you wind up getting it, here are my icons and a psd file that needs the discreet font and you can make anything you want… if that style works for you.

jl_Streamdeck_Flame-Icons.zip (130.1 KB)

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Thanks a bunch. Will likely order this week.

Stream Deck can help, also Keyboard Maestro can trigger hotkeys with keyboard double clicks etc

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Asking the opposite question here. Anyway to make Nuke’s zoom more like Flame?

Noticed @Grant posted on the Nuke forum a while back but no responses.


Ah the nuke zoom thing…I took that right the way up to their tech team & it turns out you can write some code to get a half fix. I refocused on my day job😆

Hahaha ok thanks for the heads up. Yeah I find my wacom hand is more tired at the end of the day not using keyboard shortcuts to zoom in and out.

If you put diligent effort into it, I think you’ll find that with custom keys, you never have to move your hand.

when using the player and comparing primary, secondary, difference and side by side results, I found moving over the hotkeys to the left side helped:

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Yeah. And I modified all modules to be 1-2 before and after. So in Batch or Action or Timeline, 1 is before, 2 is after. No finger Twister to do that.