Adding "New Colour Source" to a Sequences reel


added a “New Colour Source” (colour:black , duration:68) to an existing clip in a Sequences reel.
(Splice selected). It’s possible to move them inbetween the different shots but I am unable to place it at the end of the clip without gap.

What I am doing wrong?

Thank you!

Can you not do it in the timeline? Just go to the end of the timeline, grab the color source clip and drop it into the timeline after the last frame. It should “just work”.

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Yeah. Who edits in the reels view these days?

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I’ll say it again… who uses the reels for anything useful?


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I don’t use reels ,I drag and drop the colour source just at the end of timeline.
With snap function this is very quick. Or with append shortcut. If you open the edit as record timeline
select the colour source and press the shortcut you’re done :slight_smile:

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Thank’s to all of you! The following tutorial does show very nicely how the snap fuction does work :slight_smile:

Flame Fundamentals - Module 4 - Part 01 - Moving Segments in the Sequence

I use reels all the time, otherwise you may as well start using Nuke!

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Smoke was a pretty viable product without reels Paul… and was about as far from Nuke as one can get.

I somewhat get it for shot work, but with a fully functioning timeline, the needs dwindle.

Well I am a shots person, last time I did a conform was about 20 years ago, I find them extremely useful.

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With the sequence opened, and the track targeted with the header, create color source in desktop and press A + P (append, prepend)… . Bum, done.

I use reels, but not the ‘Desktop reels view’ :crazy_face:


If you ask me … reels to a Flame artist are likened to a Painter and his Palette.
I use them often.