Adding Filler to a timeline

HI there

Is there a way to add filler to a timeline? Or in other words, I have a seamless sequence which I want to space out into 4 parts. I can do the reverse quite easily with a combination of 'alt + ‘L’ and ‘shift’ + ‘backspace’ but I cannot find a hot key combo to add filler.

Any help much appreciated

Hey there,
Figure out how much “filler” you want by marking an in and out point.
Go to a new layer and hit ctrl cut (delete) to make a gap.
Select the gap and hit the color source button (below auto key on the timeline FX)
Drag that color source on to the desktop reels.
You can now use that clip to make as many filler sections as you want. Just turn “ripple” on and use “insert” (“G” on Smoke hotkeys, “I” on Flame keys)