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We just upgraded to 2023.2 and one of our editors is having a problem recreating a workflow he used in previous versions.

He likes to color source clips in the library to organize them. So if the clip is green its final, if it’s red it tells him it may need to be replaced. He then set’s this library/folder as conform search location, and links to these files. Previously, the color coding would show up in his relinked timelines. Now it doesn’t.

Is there a setting we are missing, or was this a change in how that works?

It worked for me, as long as I set the colours before linking in the conform process. If you are doing it after the fact it does not work, at least not for me.

Dan, thanks for the quick reply. Are you on 2023.2?


Ok. Then it must be a setting somewhere. Thanks for the insight Dan!

I would try a new user… I’ve never had to set anything manually other than selecting colors.

Thanks Dan. Created a brand new user, same result. “Coloured “ source clips do not carry their color coding to the sequence.

Instead of using the library for the source clips try putting the clips in a reel in desktop (same reel group too)

@johnag Thanks for the advice. I put all the source clips in a reel in the same reel group and relinked to them. Still, the color coding does not transfer to the relinked segments.

I did a test and you are right the colours don’t pass across from the sources reel into the sequence. The only way I could make it work was to create a shots sequence then when you colour a segment it instantly synchronized both ways from timeline sequence to shot sequence. You could then match out all those clips into a reel as they will have segment connection on them.

makes sense why it worked for me when I did it. Please log w/autodesk @kyleabsten Kyle.

Two things I think might help:

  • Like John said, make sure the source clips are in the same Reel Group as the Sequence. The Reel Group is a kind of container for whether things are considered connected. Your Desktop is a Reel Group or you can have them in the Libraries.

  • So within that Reel Group, flame knows when a Source is used in a timeline and the timeline segment know where it came from. You can right click the segment and look at “Jump to Shared Source Segment” and it will list everywhere that source is used. But this source is not connected to it’s instances in the sense that you can sync things across them. You won’t get color coding or timeline effects to sync until you create a segment connection. After you create the connection you will see the chain link icon and then changes to the color coding will update across instances of the source.

John’s way of making a Shot Sequence works. Another way if you don’t need a Shots Sequence is to right click a segment (or all of them at once) and “Create Source Segment Connection”. In the Dialog after this, disable “Affect Sequences Reels Only” and your original sources in a Reel will get the sync connection. Now when you change the color of the source it should update in the timeline segments.

Hope that helps. I’m not sure if this is something that changed along the way but I’ve been doing it this way since at least 2022 version.

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That seems like a better way of doing it.

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