Adding Terminal / Open Files Window to Context Click

First off - not sure if this is allowed but I started a new thread with a question I had originally asked in another to keep it separate. Please let me know if this is breaking any forum rules/etiquette.

Just upgraded to Rocky 9.3 and I’ve lost the ability, in the X11 windowing environment at least, to add “Open Terminal” and “Open Desktop in Files” to my context menu. After some research it seems the newer versions of Gnome have gotten rid of Extensions, and with them the desktop icons extension that also added these additions to the Context Menu, and you’re directed to an Extensions App that requires installing the Flathub repositories to return this functionality. Perhaps this is the best solution, but I’m hesitant to do this as I know how fragile the OS is regarding Flame running properly and I don’t want to update any other packages that are “off limits” installing unkown stuff and in general I’m apprehensive to install repositories that I’m not familiar with.

This might sound like a minor inconvenience, which it probably is, but the Contextual Menu super quick and easy to access while the current behavior requires clicking Activities at the top of the screen and then clicking an icon all the way at the bottom.

Any Linux pros with some tips on this?
Thanks in advance!