Rocky - how to add Flame shortcut to desktop

Anyone know how to put an alias/shortcut to launch Flame on the Rocky desktop?

Yup, its a ball ache for not much gain but I’ll show ya…

First launch Tweaks by raising the search bar with meta and typing tweaks

In the extensions tab check Desktop Icons

As the name implies, you can get the usual suspects on the desktop now. If you don’t want the home folder or rubbish bin appearing you can turn them off in the settings dialog by pressing the lil’ cog.

Now here comes the fun! we have to copy the flame desktop launcher from /usr/share/applications to the desktop. This will make desktop shortcuts for all the versions of Flame you have installed. Because this is a fresh install of rocky for me, I only have the one (flame_2023.0.1.desktop)

cp /usr/share/applications/flame* ~/Desktop/

Delete any shortcuts you don’t want.

The icon should now appear on your desktop but you won’t be able to launch it, so right click on it and choose “Allow Launching”. You will need to repeat this for all shortcuts

Voila! working but you might want to link the Flame icon to the shortcut else it is blank…to do this we should fetch the Flame icon and putting it somewhere convenient for us.

sudo find /opt/ -name Flame_icon.png | xargs cp -t ~/

This will search for and copy one of the existing Flame icons to your home folder. From there just right click on the desktop icon, properties.

Then click the white document-y thing in the top left of the window and browse to the icon in the home directory



Holy moley! Cracking the Davinci code just to make an alias? Brand new state of the art OS, everybody! But seriously, thanks for this - I’ll add it in the morning. Appreciate the help.


You can also drag the flame icon from the applications grid thingee to the dock on the side thingee.


I was struggling to find out how to do this. I guess the struggle was legit…

Yeah Rocky Linux isn’t exactly a Desktop-type Linux distro. I haven’t tried this yet, but, I might…


The shit here is Gnome and , as a general idea, the insufferable need to reinvent the desktop of those people.